Karleen Hallock

Senior Associate Pastor of Congregational Care and Administration

Karleen Hallock loves a good journey. Her own journey has brought her all the way from South America, where she grew up, right here to Epic Church in Mishawaka.
As executive pastor, Karleen oversees the day-to-day operations and administration of the church and staff, along with focusing on care and pastoral counseling needs in the church family. She’s been a part of Epic from the very beginning, and her story is one of many interwoven into the journey of our church. Finding each story is a passion of Karleen’s.
"I love seeing individuals being reconciled to Christ," she says. "I love watching them take their next steps. I love hearing the stories of people encountering Jesus for the first time. I love walking alongside developing leaders. And I love watching the sparkle in someone’s eye when they realize there is a God who deeply loves and cares for them and that they exist for a purpose!"
If you can’t tell already, Karleen loves interacting with people. When she’s not at church, you’ll find her with friends, enjoying the outdoors, or reading a challenging book.
Make sure to connect with Karleen next time you’re at church. She would love to hear more of your story!